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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I store my vehicle in your facility?

At this time, we only store recreational vehicles and boats. RVs include motorhomes, camper trailers and pop-up trailers. We will not store utility trailers or vehicles that are used for business.

What are my payment options?

We currently accept payments in the form of cash, check, cashier’s check, money order, ACH, credit and debit cards. You can set up an automatic payment plan.

What size spaces do you offer? How much does it cost to lease a space?

Six month or one year lease agreement prices

30' X 10'    @ $85.00 per month

34' X 11'6" @  $95.00 per month

38' X 12'     @ $110.00 per month

42' X 12'6"  @  $120.00 per month

45' X 12'6"  @  $130.00 per month

Customers who opt for a month-to-month lease will be charged an additional $15 per month. 

Customers who sign six month leases or opt for month-to-month payments are not eligible for specials.


Month-to-Month Lease agreement details:

  • lease agreement renews automatically for as long as the RV/boat remains in storage lot

  • lessee is responsible for continuing payments by 1st of the next month so long as the unit is in storage space

  • customer must give notice when vacating lot so we know whether or not you will be returning to your lease space 

What do I need to rent a space?

When you come to sign a lease, please bring:

  • valid driver's license

  • current proof of insurance on stored unit

  • current registration on stored unit

  • ability to pay first and last month's rent

Should I take extra precautions when storing my RV for the winter?

YES!  We always recommend you winterize your RV/boat for the cold winter months.  Sometimes, we have early or late cold fronts come through and surprise us with temperatures below freezing. We have noticed winter temperatures in our area can average 10 degrees lower than in the city of San Antonio.

What happens if my RV/boat is damaged or stolen?

Talley Road Boat and RV Storage is not responsible for any damaged or stolen vehicles. This is why we ask customers to carry insurance.

Can I drop off/pick up my RV or boat in the rain?

Yes, you still have access to your unit on rainy days; however, we recommend bringing a rain jacket since all of our sites are uncovered.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

We do not require a deposit. However, when you sign a lease, you must pay for the first and last month's rent.

If you sign a lease on or after the 14th, we will collect the prorated amount for that month as well. If you sign a lease before the 14th, that month will be prorated and will count as your first month of rent that you pay up front. 

Oops!  I didn't pay my bill. What is going to happen now?

If your payment is late, you have a 5-day grace period. Late fees will be charged on the 5th day past your due date.  If you are 5 days past due, you will be denied access to your unit until you pay your current balance. 

Late fee amounts are specified in your rental agreement. To avoid the possibility of late fees and being locked out at the gate, we recommend signing up for autopay.

Can I access my vehicle any time?

Yes. Once you are a customer, you will receive a gate code and instructions for how to access your vehicle whenever you need it.

My 5-day grace period ended, and I have not paid my bill. What happens now?

Aside from losing access to your vehicle, Talley Road Storage has the right to place a lien on your unit, put a boot on your vehicle and/or tow your vehicle out of the storage facility.  Therefore, setting up automatic billing is the best option for your peace of mind.

Do you offer covered parking?

At this time, all of our spaces are open parking without covers. If there is a demand for covered parking spaces, we will try to meet that need in the future.

I'm new to driving an RV. Is your entrance/exit on a busy road?

No, our entrance/exit is off of a private road with very little traffic. We designed the entrance/exit with our customer's in mind. We believe our customers will feel comfortable entering and exiting our property.

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